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What Is Floral Sheeting?

Floral sheeting is a unique material made of lightweight vinyl film with die-cut petals securely glued to its surface. The result is an eye-catching, three-dimensional material that practically begs to be touched.

Floral Sheeting Is Easy to Use

There are several benefits to using floral sheeting for retail applications and events. Here are just a few:

  • Adds color and texture to any surface
  • Easy to use – simply cut with any pair of scissors, then apply with staples or tape
  • Costs less than most alternatives
  • Available in a wide variety of colors so you can coordinate it with any theme
  • No hemming or fraying and very little waste

Floral Sheeting Makes a Splash at Special Events

With its unique textured surface, floral sheeting can create buzz at corporate gatherings, banquets, weddings and award ceremonies.

Transform any table into a fashionable display without breaking the budget. Use floral sheeting as a skirt for an inexpensive yet extravagant garnish, or simply combine two sheets to create a table cover of any size.

Floral sheeting can be attached to any wall to add color, texture and style. It is versatile enough to be used on columns and backdrops, or as a covering for large props and gift boxes.

Floral Sheeting Is Great for Retail Applications

Floral sheeting is specifically designed to grab attention. Leave your competition in the dust by creating stunning decorations that customers won't stop talking about.

With such a wide variety of colors to choose from, floral sheeting can turn any countertop or table into an eye-catching display for your products.

Window displays are where floral sheeting really shines! Drape it along the edges of windows, use it as a backdrop to emphasize products, or cut it into fun shapes to draw attention.

Whatever the application, floral sheeting makes you stand out.

No Parade Float Is Complete Without Floral Sheeting

A longstanding staple of parade float decoration, floral sheeting adds sparkle, dimension and texture to parade float surfaces.

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