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Company History

Victory Corps was formerly known as Vaughn Displays, Inc., named after legendary float builder Leroy F. Vaughn. The company has since left a lasting impression on the history of parades and the history of America in general.

Cyrus A. Krake worked as Leroy Vaughn’s long-time collaborator, designer, and inventor, creating kits that made it easy for anyone to build parade floats. These kits were inspired by the two men's experience as float designers for the Minneapolis Aquatennial, and for a regional parade circuit that included Miami’s King Orange Festival (Orange Bowl), Tampa’s Gasparilla, and Havana, Cuba’s Carnival. While the floats for these parades were elaborate, custom-made creations, Vaughn’s kits let anyone try their hand at float construction.

Vaughn’s “float system” brought a do-it-yourself attitude to float builders across the country. The customer would choose a design from a catalog and match it to the vehicle upon which it was to be built. By return mail, the customer would receive a blueprint for the float’s wooden framework and enough floral sheeting to cover it. The only things not supplied were labor, lumber, and the vehicle itself.

Maintaining the proud tradition begun by Vaughn and Krake, Victory Corps continues to provide many options for float builders, from professionals to small-town community groups. We still offer simple, easy-to-build kits that contain the supplies needed to create a custom parade float. For those who need little guidance, we also carry a vast array of parade float supplies, including floral sheeting, fringe, garland twist and accessories.

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